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We encourage creatives to submit design projects and stories to feature on our blog.  Here’s what you need to know:

We are looking for your fresh, inspiring or innovative designs of any medium to feature on our blog!

How to submit a project

We take submissions for our design and guide sections via email:

Send us your projects or stories with your desired title in the subject line, a selection of quality images (JPEGs at least 2500 Pixels on the shortest sides) and a description of your project. Please include links in your email where appropriate and a website or contact for us to be able to credit you.

Remember: We want to understand your project as best as we can, so include as much information and imagery as you need, so we get it right and how you want it.

By submitting your projects to us you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.

What happens next?

If we like your project, we will be in contact. We can then work to write it up and publish it. 

You’re email will then be added to our mailing list so you’ll get the occasional email from us. To opt out of this, please make it clear when sending your submission.

What we like

Exclusivity. Short Movies. Sharing. Workings. Drawing. Sketches. Process. Successes. Inspirational design. Innovation. Relevance. Beautiful Imagery. Design for Good.

Once we’ve published your project, please share it on social media. It will not only help you gain exposure for your work but help us provide our content across the community.

Thanks for submitting your content to Kern Collective!

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