Pentagram: Paula Scher Creates “Square Peg In A Round Hole” Identity For Kenneth Cole’s Mental Health Coalition

The Client: Mental Health Coalition
The Designer: Pentagram, New York

The Project: The team created the visual identity for the MHC with bright colours and a distinctive typeface (Druk by Commercial Type). It focusses around a “square peg in a round hole”, something that Pentagram suggests: “represents that there is no normal when it comes to mental health and that everybody fits”. The coalition is said to be introducing Pentagram’s identity as one that could become the global symbol of mental health.

In Our Opinion: The identity is strong and indeed one that will be globally recognised. We like that this symbol has appeared before in Paula Scher’s work: How Are You Really; a platform for storytelling, encouraging individuals to seek help and share experiences. It’s a good start to creating a global footprint for mental health advocates and we are excited to see what avenues open up and what kind of ideas spring off of this foundation to further help in the field.

“We wanted to create a platform where our users feel safe to connect and be vulnerable,” says Cole. “Pentagram understood our vision from the start and ultimately created an engaging and welcoming aesthetic for ‘How Are You Really’ which we know will encourage users to share authentically—helping us toward our goal of destigmatization.”

Find out about Pentagram and their work at or on Instagram.

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