Cinnature Utilises Adobe Dimension For 36 Days Of Type

The Designer: Cinnature

The Project: Anna Natter is a 3D artist who began her 2020 ’36 Days of Type’ response in a challenging time whilst in lockdown in Czech Republic due to COVID-19. The alphabet Anna produced was centred around her newest discoveries in the artistic and technical world, for example ZBrush was something she began using to create models. Substance Painter and Substance Source were also used for textures with Adobe Dimension of course being used to render.

Adobe Stock always release 3D letters for the 36 Days of Type, however Anna commits to creating her own letters most of the time. Also in Adobe’s suite of tools, Capture was something that Anna found useful. She explains: “I think Adobe Capture is quite underrated, that little app is so powerful” she explains. This year the use of the software allowed her to created 3D materials which has been influential in the creation of her SkillShare class.

“In a nutshell” Anna says, “that’s about it”.

In Our Opinion: This was one challenging brief to fulfil. 36 Days of Type is known to be difficult to keep up with at the best of times. However, knowing Anna’s kids were at home and with several other projects on the go, we think she did a great job to produce in the quality that she did!

Here’s a peek at Anna’s latest work on Adobe Dimension!

Find out about Anna and her work on Instagram, Behance, Facebook and Linkedin.

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