Brazilian Type Foundry Inari Type Release Inari Gothic

The Designer: Inari Type

The Project: The guys from Inari explain: “Inari is a display typeface based on grid explorations from non-digital mediums, such as tricot and embroidery. All the 577 glyphs were drawn with special attention to the ink flow they would have if written traditionally. Including the Japanese phonetic alphabets Hiragana and Katakana, basic latin/romaji and a basic kanji set, it follows a monospaced and unicase style. In addition, open type feature for vertical writing, working with Japanese keyboard and English input. It’s the typeface we had a more in-depth contact with Japanese typography and it was the project that helped us to put our studies into practice.”

In Our Opinion: The type foundry do not just design innovative typography solutions, they also provide a bespoke service and an easy-to-use, beautiful site to showcase their work. We’ll be watching closely for the release of their next typefaces!

Visit and you’ll get this brilliantly design website, which allows the trialling of fonts with ease. Change fonts, styles, kerning, line-height, size and analyse individual characters before buying.

Find out about Inari and their work at or on Instagram.

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