BEBOP Create Headphones To Guide The User To Healthier Listening Habits Through Bioelectric Monitoring

The Client: Linkface, Republic of Korea
The Designer: BEBOP, Republic of Korea

The Project: Creative Studio BEBOP Introduces a new technology into the headphone category. This product is particularly interesting because it uses bioelectric monitoring to guide children in practicing healthy listening habits and thereby minimises hearing loss.

The headphone’s overall design uses minimal shapes, soft coloured plastics, and fabrics supplied by Kvadrat to provide a comfortable, friendly, and premium experience. However, the faded neon silicone bio sensors with precise logo and sans-serif typography create a strong contrast to the mostly quiet design, acting as a fashionable accent and giving the product a unique presence. Also, the design solves the ergonomics while having the most effective sensor position and layout.

Dear has received the CES 2020 Innovation Award and has been exhibited in CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show).

In Our Opinion: In a technology driven world, children and young teens are using devices more regularly day by day. Since these devices rely on stimulating the user’s senses to improve the experience, of course headphones are going to be a big part of that and having a technology that can help the user practice that more safely is truly innovative. The target audience is one at the height of their physical development stage, a point which organs should be cared for even more so than usual – BEBOP have answered this brilliantly and kept the design extremely stylish to appeal to Linkface’s target user.

Take a look at some of BEBOPs process shots too.

Find out about BEBOP and their work at or Instagram.

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