Julien Rivoire Imagines What Social Media Might Have Looked Like In The 90s

Personal Project by Designer: Julien Rivoire, Lyon

The Project: This device concept was developed using Fusion 360 and then rendered in Cinema 4D. Julien expressed that the project was purely for visual experimentation but wanted to explore how Instagram might have looked had it been developed through the 1990s.

In Our Opinion: It has everything you’d expect. An exterior mirroring that retro 90s/early 2000s Nintendo Gameboy style and all the buttons you would need as an avid Instagrammer. Like, Share, Comment, Save, Search, Home and even an Upload button. Julien even suggested it ‘comes with a virtual keyboard’ on social media, further bringing this personal project to life.

Julien has some other great projects like these 3D projects below, check out his portfolio here.

Find out about Julien and his work at julienrivoire.com or Instagram.

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