Where’s Gut Studio Develop Brand Identity for Tono Crafted Soy Milk

The Client: Tono Crafted Soy Milk
The Designer: Where’s Gut Studio, Malaysia

The Project: The concept taken on by Where’s Gut Studio focusses on developing a brand identity for PJ dessert bar Tono Crafted Soy Milk. This visual language was inspired by the discovery of soy-making technology. The character ‘Tono’ was created to tell the story of the discovery as explained by the dessert bar owner below. All other visual elements were built around this Japanese-inspired character.

“One fine day in the winter, while Tono was on his way back after picking some soy beans for his tribe, he discovered a hot spring. Without a second thought, he dipped into the hot spring to relieve his fatigue for running over the mountain searching for food. What a wonderful moment… “Bloop!” Some beans he brought dropped into the hot spring—miracle happens. The beans turned the spring water creamy and aromatic—rich in soy essence. To share his magical discovery, he immediately headed home and returned with his tribe for the milky hot spring.”

In Our Opinion: This is an example of the design process coming together to tell a story. Story and character to stunning visual identity, where the advertising potential is huge because of the integrity of each element. We like how Where’s Gut has kept the design minimalistic to match with the interior of the bar and how the light, creamy colours compliment the key selling point of the brand; the dessert!

Find out about Where’s Gut Studio and their work at wheresgut.com or on Instagram and Behance.

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