Violaine et Jérémy: A Look at The French Studio and Some of Their Best Projects

One of the many things this studio is great at is making a good first impression. Every project, every letterform, every colour is so beautifully crafted and so well though out, that it is hard not to be hooked on their work instantly.

In this article we’ll take a look at five of the studio’s projects that best represents them and that had us completely hooked. If you want to delve a bit deeper into their projects than what we have covered here, have a look at there website and social media links at the bottom of the page.

1. Voyage

The Project : This typeface was developed by Jérémy in 2019 and has been designed to be curvy and flow like all good road trips. The V&J Type Foundry has developed this typeface with 55 ligatures and 26 variants featuring ultra-thin hairlines for maximum contrast and complimenting that seductive look.

Find the full project on Behance here.

2. Mamie

The Project : Mamie is a new restaurant by Jean Imbert in Paris, France. V&J have created the identity and graphic design behind the brand, providing illustrations, typography and art direction. Two custom fonts and several branded knives later and here’s the result. A classic, early 1900s style that fits perfectly with the expressive interior decor of the restaurant makes for a classy match.

Find the full project on Behance here. Check out the restaurant on their website here.

3. Théâtre des Bouffes Du Nord 19-20

The Project : V&J was commissioned by the Théâtre des Bouffes Du Nord to design their 2019/2020 season identity. Theatre management wanted the identity to come from old black and white photographs of comedians of the 19th century and so V&J extended a 2015 project to fit the identity. V&J’s vision see’s these old photographs come to life with a cross medium effect obtained from mixing paints together with Italian old-style typography.

Find the full project on Behance here.

4. JR au Louvre

The Project : This masterpiece is one you might have seen before, it was pretty hard to miss! French artist JR used the Louvre to showcase his biggest pasting to date; his team and 400 volunteers pasted 2000 strips of art around the museum creating this extravagant 3D art piece. V&J spent a month before this designing the poster for the event, which is no surprise considering all the little quirks hidden in the drawing and the sheer detail. Can you spot the famous Mona Lisa painting in this hand-drawn poster?

Find the full project on Behance here.

5. L’ADN – Dialoguee

The Project : V&J created L’ADN’s No.22 magazine which was centred around dialogue. The theme of the magazine is innovation and trends, with this issue exploring how one can find there way back to dialogue instead of antagonising another’s opinion. See the result below expressed through experimental typography.

Find the full project on Behance here.

The same amount of thought that has gone into each project has also made it’s way into the studios website:

Find out about V&J and their work at or on Twitter, Facebook, Behance, Pinterest and Instagram.

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