In Good Company Collaborates With Leading Designers, Takes Over 150 Sites To Honour Our NHS

The Curators: In Good Company, Leeds
The Designers: Morag Myerscough, Studio Build, Rebecca Strickson Illustration, Anthony Burrill, FYI, Luke Tonge, Craig Black, Risotto Studio and more

The Project: In Good Company have launched ‘Posters for the People’, a project in northern England to raise funds for the NHS through the COVID-19 crisis and promote positivity with a series of colourful murals.

The effort started with Morag Myerscough, just after lockdown began. Myerscough is London based artist and well known creator of the ‘Designer’ exhibit upstairs in the Design Museum, London. Now, the exhibition has reached 150 different sites with contributions by several more high profile designers such as Anthony Burrill and a number of studios. The public love the idea so much that they have been the driving force behind it, sharing banners across England to show their gratitude for the NHS workers. For the beer lovers out there, In Good Company has collaborated with North Brewing Co to launch a limited edition beer launching at the end of the month.

If you want to get involved you can purchase the art. Posters for the People banners will cost £19.80 (including shipping) for a 1m x 750mm banner. Custom sizes are also available. Visit for all the details of the artists and charities involved.

In Our Opinion: It is great to see the creative juices flowing in a time where it is far too easy to have not much to do and little motivation to do it. Channeling that creativity towards the positives of such a current and ongoing issue is an admirable approach to take; we’d encourage all designers out there to take this opportunity to do the same and design-for-good if they find themselves at a loose end.

Posters for the People was the brainchild of Duke Studios founder, Laura Wellington who set up In Good Company as a passion project with the aim of bringing more large-scale art, fun and colour to the city. When projects were put on hold as COVID-19 took hold, Laura wanted to use her skills and connections to amplify the gestures of thanks she saw in the streets around her home in north Leeds.

““I was inspired by the weekly applause and the rainbow artworks popping up on pavements and in windows. Graphic design is key amidst a crisis – it’s a powerful tool in communication and we wanted to create a campaign that keeps peoples spirits high. It all started with a massive billboard in Leeds designed by artist Morag Myerscough. We wanted to create masses of fabulous billboards and posters across the UK as we wanted the art to be for everyone across the whole country. We turned the first one around in just 72 hours, but it quickly became clear that the national billboard process was just too slow, so we decided to give the power to the people.”

Laura Wellington

Find out about In Good Company at or on Instagram.
Find out about the collaborators here: Morag Myerscough, Studio Build, Rebecca Strickson Illustration, Anthony Burrill, FYI, Luke Tonge, Craig Black, Risotto Studio, North Brewing Co

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