AR Cut & Paste by Cyril Diagne

The Designer: Cyril Diagne, France

The Project: Cyril Diagne, a Paris-based digital designer and programmer, has released an alternative to ctrl/cmd C and V that the design community will love. AR Cut & Paste uses your device’s camera to pick out real-world objects and paste it directly into your editing software, removing the background automatically in the process.

The best bit about this is it is available to anyone under open source licensing on GitHub. It requires a bit of set up, but after unpacking the three modules and following 4 usage steps you’ll be ready to go. Currently only Photoshop is supported but it looks like some changes will be made to the project down the line, so keep your eyes peeled.

Try it out here.

In Our Opinion: The ease of pulling objects out of thin air and inserting them into Photoshop as editable image files is something designers will really appreciate. Just like the work of Google Lens and Adobe Colour which do a similar thing but with text and colour palettes respectively. It could provide a strong foundation for new designers to enter the design ring with ease, and become an efficient tool for designers on the move.

“AR Cut & Paste is an interaction design research prototype developed by Cyril Diane. It uses the official implementation of BASNet (Qin & al, CVPR2019) to automatically detect salient objects and remove the background. The objects are placed in an image editing software using screen-point, a Python library that converts a camera centroid to screen coordinates using OpenCV SIFT and find homography. It was developed and open sourced under the MIT License on May 3rd, 2020.”

Cyril Diagne
cyrildiagne / Twitter

Find out about Cyril and his work at or on Twitter.

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