The Client: HATCHED Restaurant, London
The Designer: SPIN Studio, London

The Project: The London-based design agency has just launched a new identity for highly creative restaurant HATCHED by Shane Marshall.

Shane’s desire to have a visual identity which showcases the restaurant’s exciting menu whilst maintaining a relaxed setting was answered by SPIN through experimenting with the bars on the letter H using a variety of creative mediums. The full extent of this can be found on SPIN’s website, including innovative videos combining typographic outputs with live tasks undertaken in the HATCHED kitchen.

In Our Opinion: Featuring the ingredients, methods and food parings between the bars of the letter ‘H’ will help customers to understand the restaurant culture, before even setting foot inside. That, combined with the bold colours makes for a strong first impression of Shane’s creatively-charged restaurant.

“Our response was informed by a happy discovery made whilst developing the initial identity, that once the two upright bars had been established you could put almost anything between them and it would read as the ‘Hatched’ H. The overall identity is made to reflect the robust, and reductive nature of Shane’s philosophy, food made with beautiful quality ingredients and playful combinations.”

Spin Studio

Find out about HATCHED at www.hatchedsw11.com or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Find out about SPIN Studio at www.spin.co.uk or on Instagram and Twitter.

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